Support for users – more important than ever?

No business can do without IT today, and there are applications for every business. In addition, applications are generally becoming more user-friendly – despite the growing scope of functions. This suggests that support for users is losing more and more importance. Is it really like that?

More complex applications bring more user errors

It is true that the ease of use is greater than a few years ago. But the complexity of applications – especially business-critical applications – is increasing. The software offers new possibilities and even allows predictions for the future, for example with Business Intelligence. It is precisely this complexity that makes support services more important than ever for users. After all, there are no IT experts at the workstations who know and understand all the functions and contexts within the software. Users are almost inevitably dependent on good IT support.

How much support does the typical user need?

An IT support is still indispensable despite the higher ease of use within the applications. How do you find the right size? Decisive is the objectively provided help, but also the subjective feeling of the user. Not only does he need help, he must also feel that support supports him perfectly. In many cases, therefore, an external support can be useful, because it can be flexibly adapted. If, for example, an application is newly introduced, the service can provide intensive support, which is gradually reduced when users become accustomed to the application.

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