The WLOG goods logistics application is used to plan and process deliveries, collections and transports for a Swiss Cantonal Police. 

The employees of the cantonal police enter their one-time or recurring orders in the user-friendly web application with just a few clicks and can adjust them in case of changes at any time until execution. 

The checkpoint starts planning immediately after the orders have been created or changed. The system supports the checkpoint in this process by suggesting only the most suitable transshipment points (for unloading and loading) and rooms (for temporary storage). 

These are displayed to the checkpoint accordingly based on configurable master data. Like TEDIS, WLOG also has extensive configuration settings that allow admins to adjust master data in real time via the application’s web interface. 

Automated e-mail notifications inform the involved users about changes and next steps, depending on the status of the order. Furthermore, the statistics function helps the checkpoint to plan and distribute the orders and to optimize the workload. 

In addition to the web application, functions such as the entry and processing of orders are available in the mobile version of the WLOG application (PWA). 

WLOG was developed as an additional module to the TEDIS application. The applications therefore share basic elements such as login, authentication, and role, rights and user management. This has saved a lot of effort and costs in the implementation.