The Global Business division of Swisscom AG is responsible for large customers with worldwide networks. The company’s employees previously used simple Excel sheets to manage these networks. The resulting processes were very complicated and took a lot of time. To improve workflow efficiency, Comitas AG has developed state-of-the-art software that makes the workflows much easier.

Improved Collaboration: Using Customer Data Simultaneously

At a large company like Swisscom, several employees are assigned to look after a customer. The problem with the previous approach was that a simultaneous processing of the data was impossible. Therefore, Comitas replaced the Excel sheets with a web-based application. The new software not only allows simultaneous processing by several employees, but also the involvement of external partners which take care of, for example, feasibility studies and cost estimates. Through the web application they insert their results directly into the project. In order not to lose track despite the involvement of several people, the program registers all changes and their sources. This makes it easy to check later. The software itself is run in the computer center of Comitas AG. This makes it unnecessary for the customer to take care of the hardware himself and a high level of security is always guaranteed.

Easy Handling of the New Software

To facilitate familiarization with the new system, the developers at Comitas AG have introduced easy-to-understand dialogues that guide employees through all steps. Also, the search for specific data, which was almost impossible using the previous Excel sheets, is quite simple with the new software. It also assigns locations to individual customers and adds a primary and a secondary connection. Technical details such as the guaranteed speed, the routers used, and the IP addresses can be viewed at any time.

More Efficiency and Simplified Implementations: The Advantages for Swisscom AG

The new software significantly increased the efficiency in managing the relevant processes. Employees have direct access to all important data and can therefore complete their tasks quickly. The software is fast and has easy expansion options. Since Comitas also takes care of the running and uses its own data center, there are no maintenance tasks for Swisscom. Use our contact form if you want to create efficient structures for your business processes in your company with modern software.