For the general agents and trustees of an insurance company, it is necessary to access the employee’s master data, the information about their salary and their GL data which is stored in a central SAP application for their work. Comitas AG has now created an application for a Swiss insurance company called U-GA Portal, which automates this process.

The tasks of the software

Initially, it is generally necessary to transfer the data from the SAP system to the application. To automate this process, the developers integrated a suitable interface. Subsequently, a plausibility check takes place on the data and if this was successful, the software transfers the data into the accounting system (Abacus) of the individual representatives. In doing so, it does not simply transmit the data, but independently decides based on the existing data, in which form it must present the information and whether it is necessary to delete already existing information. The accounting system (Abacus) then sends a response file back to the U-GA portal, which is then evaluated. In addition, the system stores all transmitted data separately so that auditing is possible later if necessary.

Numerous benefits for Zurich and the general agents

The new system considerably facilitates the rather branched workflow. Before the introduction, the data transfer was partly manual. Employees were busy with it for several days each month, and moreover, mistakes kept sneaking in. The automatic transfer takes only about 40 minutes and ensures a high reliability of the data. The general agents benefit from being able to view the information at any time. In addition, the portal automatically generates reports – for example, a balance sheet and a profit and loss statement. These tools also greatly facilitate the work of the representatives.

If you also want to make the organizational processes in your company more efficient, then Comitas has a strong partner at your side. Get in touch with one of our employees for information on the many possibilities!