A cantonal police (KAPO) regularly faces the challenge of equipping its police officers with new equipment, new cell phones or new clothes. Comitas was commissioned to create a modern web application for this requirement, in which such exchange activities can be carried out comfortably and securely. Police officers who still have an old cell phone, for example, are imported from a KAPO source system. In the application, the possible data, locations and times for this exchange are recorded, e.g. in 10-minute steps. A click sends a mail to all imported police officers for this exchange. The mail text can be freely defined in the application or selected as a template.

In the mail, the police officers will find a link to register for a location, a date and a time. As soon as a time has been selected, it is no longer available for the remaining police officers. However, they can cancel the booking at any time and choose a new date.

The KAPO users, in the other hand, can see how many appointments have already been booked and can activate additional appointments or invite new police officers for the exchange at any time. The application offers them a simple overview of the activities