thyssenKrupp Presta AG is a company of the thyssenkrupp Group and is the lead company for the tThe specific platform “” networks companies in the construction sector. The smart construction industry solution helps to save costs and time, as well as reducing empty runs.

On the one hand, construction projects involve large quantities of excavated material, humus and gravel on. On the other hand, excavated material is needed for land fill, and humus for gardens and renaturation, or gravel for concrete production, road construction and landscaping.

The procurement of information about who, when, where and how much of these products has to be clarified by telephone by the schedulers of the individual companies, usually under time pressure.

A part of these quantities can be marketed directly with a lot of administrative effort. The rest is stored temporarily at high cost or, even more expensive, sent to a landfill.

The main reasons for implementing the web-based information and trading platform were the simplification of processes, the expansion of the reach and the networking of companies in the same segment. The information platform offers building contractors, transport companies, horticulturists, gravel works and landfill operators the opportunity to actively offer their orders for earth, demolition and recycling materials or to search for them in a targeted manner. In addition, transport companies have the opportunity to reduce the number of empty runs and thus operate their business more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly manner. Thus all parties involved benefit from the digitalisation of this process.

During the implementation, attention was paid from the outset to ensuring that the focus was on user-friendliness and ease of operation. This means that an advertisement can be placed in just a few clicks and navigation on the platform is easy for untrained users. Contact and processing are quick and uncomplicated. The intuitive B2B platform enjoys great popularity, which is shown by the constantly growing number of registrations.

If you would like to use the advantages of digitalisation in your company and implement a portal or platform solution, for example, then contact us – we will be happy to show you the various possibilities and will be happy to implement your web application with you.