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Further development of applications

A holistic application lifecycle management includes the continuous development of applications. The services offered by Comitas range from technological specifications and system tests up to programming and operation. In this way we guarantee a stable operation of our customers’ applications. With our DevOps approach, software can be provided faster and in better quality. This is because DevOps – a combination of Development and IT Operations – aims to improve processes. In all further developments we always keep an eye on the risks and effects on operation, maintainability and infrastructure.

Operation of Application

In order to ensure the high availability of applications and to be able to restore them quickly in the event of faults, application operation constitutes a large part of daily work. To relieve our customers in these areas, Comitas takes over regular operations and IT service management, depending on individual requirements. This includes in particular incident, problem and change management.

Additionally, Comitas can help deliver the best cloud solutions, giving companies the flexibility to optimize resources. Our customized cloud storage models enable organizations to store, access and maintain data without having to manage the infrastructure themselves. We work with renowned companies such as Swisscom (DCS+) and Microsoft to ensure the security of your data.

Maintenance of Applications

Whether errors must be corrected, or applications must be adapted due to new hardware: We support our customers in all tasks in the area of application maintenance. This includes the continuous improvement of applications, their holistic monitoring and the analysis of application performance.