Coordination of equipment handover for KAPO employees

A cantonal police (KAPO) regularly faces the challenge of equipping its police officers with new equipment, new cell phones or new clothes. Comitas was commissioned to create a modern web application for this requirement, in which such exchange activities can be carried out comfortably and securely. Police officers who still have an old cell phone, […]

Goods logistics for for a Swiss Cantonal Police

The WLOG goods logistics application is used to plan and process deliveries, collections and transports for a Swiss Cantonal Police.  The employees of the cantonal police enter their one-time or recurring orders in the user-friendly web application with just a few clicks and can adjust them in case of changes at any time until execution.  […]

Disposition of appointments and access control for public institution

Comitas was commissioned to implement the TEDIS appointment dispatching system for For a Swiss Cantonal Police. In this modern web application, all employees can create appointments and interrogations. In doing so, single or serial appointments can be created, comparable to Outlook. Single or multiple rooms can be booked for the appointments. These are suggested to […]

Atlanto – The online platform that simplifies everyday administrative tasks

With Atlanto, we have developed a modern platform on behalf of one of the largest Swiss insurance companies, which simplifies the administrative activities of SMEs. The platform has a modular structure and contains all the functionalities necessary for simple administration. This includes modules such as a comprehensive CRM/contact manager, a business plan portal, professional and […]

Digitization of order and report management

For a construction company in eastern Switzerland, we developed a web-based and easy-to-use solution that enables the entry and distribution of work orders including documents from the back office. Orders can be entered directly in the application and allow a targeted daily and weekly planning of the workforce. The dispatch of work orders and work […]

St. Moritz Tourism – Connection of ticketing solution to Olympia Bobrun

Until now, guest bobsled rides and vouchers had to be booked directly via The API provided by us enables third-party providers (e.g. tourism platforms) to offer these rides or vouchers as well. In addition to reading out contingents (checking capacities), bookings can also be created and modified directly. Via the API, vouchers can also […]

Swynoo – This is how disposition works

Swynoo AG is a joint venture with a focus on disposition processing in the transport industry. The Software as a Service (SaaS) solution supports small and medium-sized companies in handling their dispatching activities through digital, intelligent and integrative processes, thereby reducing time and costs. In addition to the clear operation and the good performance, Swynoo […]