Swynoo is a web-based disposition solution that enables efficient and intelligent disposition processing for construction transport companies. Not least thanks to the support of artificial intelligence and so-called geofencing, Swynoo is advancing into new spheres of disposition. Swynoo is a joint venture. Comitas is responsible for the development of the application.

Which processes can be mapped via Swynoo?

With Swynoo, the entire disposition process can be mapped, from order entry to invoicing. The Swynoo app enables smooth communication between the disposition and the drivers. Via the app, it is possible for the customers to sign the invoices directly on site and to photograph the factory slips. After completion of the delivery, the delivery slips are available for checking and can be released for invoicing in a further step. All approved delivery bills can be converted into an invoice with just a few clicks and are available to customers directly in the customer portal. In addition, the solution has open interfaces, which enables the connection to third-party systems and thus leaves no desires unfulfilled. For example, the interface to an accounting program enables seamless and automatic transfer of the created invoice items.

Support through artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence supports the disposition by displaying suggestions for vehicles or orders. Concretely, it suggests suitable orders based on a wide variety of factors such as the current location of the vehicles, availability, vehicle categories, etc., to achieve an efficiency that a human could only manage with a great deal of time. Conversely, Swynoo’s AI also enables the best possible orders to be displayed based on the vehicles selected. Last but not least, the support of AI can counteract the problem of the number of empty vehicle kilometers.

Automatic status change through geofencing

Recently, geofencing has been implemented in Swynoo, which  refers to the automatic triggering of an action by crossing a geolocated boundary. Geofences are thus predefined areas defined by the coordinates of the map location. A coordinate is a point containing two numbers – longitude and latitude. Together, these numbers represent a specific point on a map. Swynoo uses circles with a radius of 200 meters for geofencing. The center of such a circle is called a point of interest in technical terminology. For Swynoo, the POI are, without exception, factories (sites) and construction sites (destinations), which are automatically created as soon as an order for a particular day has been created and the information regarding the site and destination has been stored.

For Swynoo, geofencing enables the automatic status change of the current deliveries. As soon as certain areas (circles) are passed, the status of the deliveries is adjusted. This can be illustrated by the following example:

Let’s assume that it is a transport type “transport incl. material”. Once the driver receives the order, they first drive to a factory (location) to load the ordered material. As soon as the circle is reached from the location (factory), the status automatically changes from “First trip started” to “First trip completed”. After the material is loaded and the vehicle leaves the circle again, the status again changes automatically to “Second trip started”. This transparency gives the dispatchers information at any time about the status of the drivers with regard to the deliveries and possible measures for follow-up orders can be taken more quickly. In addition, all scheduled vehicles are continuously tracked and displayed to the disposition in the map.

What’s next?

It is planned to further optimize the disposition view, thanks to geofencing. As a new module, the disposition 2.0 will be implemented, which enables the daily view of all dispositioned vehicles. Specifically, the disposition will be displayed through visual support using bar charts. Thus, it will be possible to see to within the minute in which delivery status (loading/unloading, driving, empty run, etc.) the vehicles are and when the deliveries are expected to be completed.

For more information on Swynoo, visit Swynoo.com directly.

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