Whether SME or international group, manufacturing or service industry: our financing solutions support companies in upgrading their IT and digitalising their processes so that they remain competitive and can meet the increasing demands for individualisation, productivity and flexibility. Do you want to develop applications or expand new technologies, optimise your cash flow or grow your business? Together, we will develop your individual software solution, including a financing plan tailored to your requirements. And because time is money, as we all know, we respond immediately – with creative solutions that increase productivity and efficiency and ensure that you can profitably exploit opportunities.

Digitisation is the key to optimising operating costs and increasing competitiveness

But how can technology investments succeed in the long term, taking into account the cost and risk aspects? With digit-start’s customised financing solutions. Based on our technology and operational know-how, we develop software solutions that enable you to achieve your business goals effortlessly.

But what advantages does digital transformation offer companies in the manufacturing or service industry? What business goals can you achieve thanks to customised software and financing solutions, and without sacrificing flexibility, agility or economic sustainability?

Technology financing for your business

Technology Upgrade

This financing solution is designed to enable the purchase of a complete system or individual components. The period and terms of the financing are tailored to the benefits expected from the application.  Often this type of financing covers the respective operating costs, e.g. for maintenance, via a “bundled” payment plan.

New models of instalment financing

To manage the transition from an existing application or platform, we have developed solutions where the instalment payment for a new system only kicks in once it has gone live. This avoids the additional financial burden of paying for the new system while the old system is still in operation and support can be provided.

Innovative technologies without affecting equity or credit lines

We take care of the development and financing so that you can equip your company with technology investments for digital products, sales channels and process automation. Arrange a no-obligation expert meeting for more information.

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